Dylan in 'No Romeo' video

Emerging artist Dylan is back today with her new single "No Romeo," which is a big, sweeping anthem for those ready to leave their bad exes in the past.

The huge new track arrives with an accompanying video showing the singer leading a small brigade of people in the middle of bad relationships, encouraged to leave their lover behind and join this new group who apparently become friends and support each other.

"I wrote 'No Romeo' with my best friends in mind," says Dylan. "I was tired of them going back to their questionable exes and letting themselves be treated like crap (although I think I needed the song as much as they did!) and wanted, as always, to write something empowering. The aim was to write an anthem for the late-night drives with the windows down, the shouting at the sea because LIFE, and the screaming crying throwing up heartbreak moments.”

See the video below.