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Arkells have teamed up with Cold War Kids for a new song called "Past Life," and the best part is the accompanying video, which stars Will Forte.

Yes, the Saturday Night Live alum and MacGruber star makes a light-hearted guest appearance in the newly released video for the track, which is out today on Virgin Music.

“Last fall we were in L.A. working on music and had this driving '80s song about being present in the moment, and liberating yourself from the past,” says Arkells frontman Max Kerman explains. “We wrote the first verse and left the second one open, hoping that Nathan [Willett] from Cold War Kids might be drawn to the collaboration. CWK were one of our early influences when we started our band, and we’ve been lucky enough to share the stage with them over the years, and honored to record this tune with them.”

Check it out now.