David O'Donahue

Mokita is starting the weekend with the release of his new song "Color Me In."

The Nashville artist, the moniker of singer-songwriter John-Luke Carter, released the breathtaking new track Friday. It's the lead single and title track off his upcoming Color Me In EP, which he confirmed today will be released Oct. 28 via Nettwerk.

“Jon Foreman, one of my favorite songwriters, has a line from a song called 'Thrive' that says: 'I want to thrive, not just survive,'" says Carter. "That line envelops the general sentiment of this song. One of my greatest fears has always been normalcy. I've always felt that in order to be worth something, that I needed to stand out; that I needed to exceed people's expectations."

He continues: "The last line of the chorus says, 'Tell me I'm a shade that's never been found.' We all want to feel like we matter, like we are unique, that we have something to offer. We also want to know that we are not alone in feeling 'messed up' or lost. Everyone's greatest search in life is finding the thing that fills them to the utmost. Everyone wants to be fully colored in."

The new track is also accompanied by a visualizer directed by Zach Pigg. The clip can be seen below.