Lauren Wade

Jonah Kagen definitely has our attention today, a busy release Friday, with his new single "hill that i'll die on."

The beautiful new track arrived today, and it finds the singer declaring his unending love to someone he cares about. It follows his recent single "Barcelona," of which Variance premiered a special acoustic performance earlier this summer.

"'hill that i’ll die on' is such a special song to me," says Kagen. "It speaks to the sentiment of knowing that you’ll love someone and be there for them even at their lowest point, and that there’s nothing in the world that would ever make you question that. I was lucky enough to get to bring the song to life with my two incredible roommates (Sarcastic Sounds and Hayd), and it feels good to finally have all three of our names on something." 

As we previously mentioned, Kagen capped a month-long run earlier this year opening for U.K. standout Maisie Peters' U.S. tour. He also says he more music in the works.

Watch the new video now.