UPDATE (07.09.13): Kanye West on Tuesday claimed that the leaked version of his "Black Skinhead" video was not the "official" version. He said that the final product would release within the next week. We have removed the video below per request by the rapper.

He explains that the final version of the video is something he's "been losing sleep over." He also took a shot at the one who leaked the video, simply stating: "FUK YOU!"

His buddy JAY Z may have been having all the fun on Twitter today, but Kanye West apparently wants in on the fun of this busy post-holiday Monday. Ye has unveiled the new visuals for "Black Skinhead," the first official single off his latest album, Yeezus. Despite having projected music in video form across the globe, he had yet to provide a video for the new record.

Watch the clip below via Rap Dose.