Callum Walker Hutchinson

Alexander 23 is back with new music! Today, he shared his new song "How to Drive."

After teasing the new track with a behind-the-scenes clip earlier this week on social media, the singer has shared the new song in full, and it's one of the most personal and tender he's shared yet.

"I wrote most of 'How to Drive' before tour and left with the intention of finishing it after. But in an almost child-like way, I found myself needing to record it immediately," says Alexander on his Instagram post. "I had an off day in NYC and booked Electric Lady hoping the legendary air there would help me squeeze all the magic out of a song so near and dear to my heart. I hate having cameras in the studio, but on this particular day, I couldn’t imagine NOT documenting everything."

He continues: "So this is a video of me somewhere in between enlightened and manic, finishing the writing and frantically hopping from instrument to instrument, physically racing against the clock of the day and spiritually racing against the clock of time. This song isn’t an extension of my last era, and I don’t think it’s really even the start of the next. This song is simply the way I feel about myself, the people around me, and the world right now. And this is how it came to be."

Check it out now.