Vic Mensa, photo by Danielle Alston

Vic Mensa is opening the week with the video for his newly released song "Strawberry Louis Vuitton," which arrived Friday.

The velvety cut is a collaboration with Thundercat and Maeta, out now on Roc Nation.

“I made 'Strawberry Louis Vuitton' while watching one of [Virgil Abloh's] last LV films; the one with Saul Williams,” recalls Mensa. “When I heard the sample it just spoke to me, so I chopped it, made the beat, and wrote the song on the spot. It was really a freestyle. I always imagined Thundercat doing the bridge... we recorded it when he was on tour and I was doing my art show in Chicago. When Virgil passed away, I kind of felt like he had given this song to me; the gift that keeps on giving, in a way.”

In addition to the new song, Mensa will be performing this Wednesday on CBS's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and he'll be joined by Maeta and Phony Ppl.

Watch the new video now.