Kai Cranmore

On a busy Friday for new music, singer and actor Dylan Conrique's new one is a gem. So you should definitely make sure "Gatekeeper" is on your playlist this weekend.

The stunning, nostalgic cut is out now on KYN Entertainment and ADA, and it features an accompanying video for the track co-written with Myles Avery, Cici Ward, Luka Kloser and Dalton Diehl with production by Myles Avery and Luka Kloser.

The newly released video is said to be an ode to the bittersweet nostalgia of childhood memories, featuring old home videos from Dylan Conrique's youth. It depicts the moments when Conrique was preparing to move out of her childhood home, walking through empty rooms and reflecting on years past and happy memories.

Check out the new song now.