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Sibling duo Eighty Ninety is heading into the weekend today with their brand new single "2 Carat."

The pair, made up of New York-based brothers Abner (vocals/production) and Harper (guitar/production) James, on Friday shared the glimmering new track, which is a preview of the duo's proper debut album, which they plan to release later this year.

"Our upcoming album is about falling apart and learning how to put yourself back together, and the unexpected moments of joy that come along the way,” says the pair of the new material. “The first single, ‘2 Carat,’ is about coming to terms with the realization that the right person may have come (and gone) at the wrong time, when you weren't whole enough to be able to recognize or reciprocate their love. It's about the struggle to free yourself from cycles of questioning and regret so that you can make space in your life for a fuller self, new joy, and new love.”

The new track follows the band's sophomore The Night Sky EP, which they released last year. And we can't wait to hear more.

Check out "2 Carat" now.