Yulia Shadrinsky

On another busy Friday, we've got a standout release today from Australian singer Eddie Benjamin, who just dropped his new single "All For Nothing." And we can't get enough.

The singer calls the track, out now via Epic Records, an "unfiltered perspective on being deeply in love and experiencing your first heartbreak by being cheated on.” And in addition to the song itself, it's accompanied by a video directed by Rupert Hoeller and shot in Vienna, Austria.

The song comes as Benjamin says he is working on his debut full-length album, which is expected soon.

“All of the songs are pretty life-shifting experiences I’ve gone through,” he says. “I wanted to tap into actual meaning within the art. This body of work represents the most monumental and meaningful moments for me, and I just had to get them out ... It was painful. It was exciting. It felt like I’d grown up. It was an interesting and beautiful process.” 

Watch the new video now.