Emmanuel Afolabi

We know it's another busy weekend for new music, but Devon Gilfillian has a new single which can't be missed ahead of this Valentine's Day next week.

The Philadelphia-born, Nashville-based singer on Friday dropped his new track "All I Really Wanna Do," which comes along with news of his upcoming album Love You Anyway, out April 7 on Fantasy Records. "All I really wanna do / Is catch a little vibe with you / And take you to a place / Where we can be as weird as we are," the song's hook declares.

“I wanted to share my story on this album and pour a whole lot of love into the gap that’s grown between people in our country," says Gilfillian of the Jeremy Lutito-produced song. “'All I Really Wanna Do' is an anthem for living in the moment. It’s a song about taking a chance on love, on life, and on exploring yourself. It’s about being weird with the one you love and knowing that being yourself is enough."

He continues: "I want people to listen to this song and forget—even for a second—the sad things going on around the world. I want them to be reminded of the beauty and joy we have around us, as long as we’re looking and open to receive."

Watch the accompanying animated video for "All I Really Wanna Do" now.