X Ambassadors, photo by Tyler Jay Hanson

X Ambassadors shared a new song called "Happy People," and it comes with big news.

The band, led by Sam Nelson, is a collaboration with Teddy Swims and Jack Ross. It's X Ambassadors' first release of their new label Virgin Music. The breathtaking, soul-stirring track is accompanied by a live performance video featuring Nelson and alongside Swims and Ross. It's part of the band's ongoing "(Eg)" series which has featured collabs with other artists.

“Our new song 'Happy People,' featuring Teddy Swims and Jack Ross, is about struggling to maintain your own health and happiness while constantly being assaulted with images of everyone else's seemingly perfect lives," says Nelson. "This is something we all come up against every day, just looking down on our phones. Having the opportunity to work with Teddy and Jack on this song was a transcendent experience with both of them. Any time they open their mouths, you just feel so deeply what it is they're saying and what it is they're singing, they cannot help but reveal everything to you when they sing and that is golden.”

Watch the video now.