Adam Alonzo

Adam Melchor has announced a new EP is on the way, and to prepare, he has shared a glimmering new track called "Garment Bag."

The singer croons about encouraging someone else letting their walls down, but he seems to be doing the same with this track, which is definitely based on a true story. It's a preview of Melchor's new Fruitland EP, which is coming Sept. 22.

"Fame is not all that it’s cracked up to be. At least that’s what the person I was dating told me when she was at a party for the Emmys," says Melchor. "We were in a rocky place relationship-wise, but she got ready at my house and wanted to come back after she left for the event. It’s funny how you can get what you thought you wanted, but still crave what you already have."

He continued: "I thought it was a solid metaphor of how our relationship was going. Despite the tougher times, we were truly ourselves with each other in between our street clothes and our ball gowns, so I decided to write a song about it. This is a song for anyone who’s tucked someone’s tag, zipped up a dress and been the one who gets to answer ‘well, how do I look?’ before you kiss them goodbye.”

Watch the video below.