Justin Timberlake this weekend returned to Saturday Night Live, as host and musical guest, joining the Five-Timers Club of others who have hosted the NBC comedy series as many times. His opening monologue marked the occasion with cameos by previous Five-Timers Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, Paul Simon, Candice Bergen and Chevy Chase, as well as Martin Short and Dan Aykroyd.

Timberlake also reunited with the other half of his "D--- in a Box" collaboration, as Andy Samberg appeared in character for one skit and later as the defendant in a court sketch. The episode also included the return of JT's "Bring it on Down..." character, this time dressed as tofu and mixing up songs like Trinidad Jame$'s "All Gold Everything."

Of course, JT saved up plenty of energy for his musical performances, which included "Suit & Tie" (with the must-have appearance by Jay-Z) and "Mirrors," which was probably the strongest of the two. Timberlake did, however, make one small change during "Suit & Tie," replacing the line "S--- so sick got a hit and picked up a habit" with "My hits so sick got rappers acting dramatic,” an obvious response to Kanye West's recent dis of the singer's latest single.

Watch his musical performances below: