DIIV performs at the United Center in Chicago, photo by Josh Darr

Melodies repeating over and over in my brain, the texture of guitar chords give me goose bumps.

Something about the way Colin Caufield and Zachary Cole Smith’s vocals intertwine with each other in a melodic, droning manner compliments the entrancing guitars riffs. Layers of chaos and beauty that make for a symphonic ejaculation for my ears. Art school taught me different ways great art can be made, adulting has allowed me to embrace different is almost always better. 

DIIV’s music reminds me of so many great albums from the 90s where It was the tracks in between the “radio friendly” ones that really carried them and made them so memorable for me. I feel slightly cheated by only getting their “openers” setlist, there’s a buildup for me that happens when listening to DIIV like right when they turn a corner and hits another level where I just want It to keep going.

Hopefully this tour is a corner for them and there’s a horizon of more DIIV to come soon.