HUDSON (aka David Hudson) on Thursday debuted his new music video for "Chained," his latest single off an album that is expected later this year. Following the EP he released last summer, the 24-year-old musician is veering in a different direction from his previous material, demonstrating a more mature, grittier sound, and more polished vocals.

The young artist, who is the younger brother of Katy Perry, is certainly following his own path when it comes to music. Although his sister is synonymous with American pop music, HUDSON isn't chasing the bubblegum route, instead drawing inspiration from acts like U2, Justin Timberlake and Radiohead. “I’m not interested in doing shock value," he previously told Variance, contrasting his music from current pop sounds. "The problem with shock value is that, yeah, people might say something about it, but in the long term it doesn’t leave a mark on you. It’s not something that improves your life or adds value. It’s just filling space. Everything I want to do is opposite of that.”

Watch his video for "Chained" below via Fuse TV.