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Singer-songwiter Corey Harper is going to have a busy summer.

He has confirmed plans to release his new Barely Put Together EP in August. And to serve as a teaser, he's also shared a single called "Better," which rather explicitly acknowledges his shortcomings.

"I don't have my shit together / but I think I like it better / knowing I don't have to hide," he confesses on the track, a preview of the full EP, which will be released on Aug. 2 via AWAL Recordings.

"'Better' comes from a place where I compare myself in a really self-destructive way to other artists and people I respect and admire," says Harper of the new song. "It's so easy nowadays to look like we have everything figured out because the canvas for success is resembled by a bunch of tiny squares on our phones. I've always struggled with not feeling like I'm interesting enough or have anything as important to say as other artists I see and learn from. This song is a letter and PSA for anyone who hears it, serving as an open invitation for people to see that we're all human."

Hear the new song below.