Jarrett Juarez

Corey Harper is back with new music, his second song in as many months.

In anticipation of the upcoming Overcast EP, the West Coast singer has shared a tender new track called "Fade the Black," a vulnerable offering which tackles the subject of addiction with Harper's earnest vocals telling a story of personal heartache and hardship.

"'Fade to Black' is about my brother, who has struggled with drug abuse for a decade," says Harper. "I was able to come up with the songs on the EP because I was in my hometown, surrounded by familiarity and memories. It's like I had home-court advantage. This music is about confusion and sadness and hope. It's about what happens before the storm arrives, when you're trying to find your direction through the fog."

The full EP will be out on June 5 but "Fade to Black" can be heard below.