Ashley Frangie

Adrian Galvin (aka Yoke Lore) is back with new music.

The Variance favorite returned Friday with his very personal new track "Fade Away," a song being persistent in trying to know and understand someone you care about, a song which is part promise and part plea.

"It is a promise to remain vigilant in my desire to be better than I was yesterday. It is a plea for others to do the same,” says Galvin. "I won't fade away, if you don't fade away. I will remain conscious and try to be more conscientious, because I believe the way through is always through dialogue. Even though it is often the more difficult route to take."

He adds: "To remain quiet is easy, to look the other way is simple. But real solutions require real resistance. Dialogue requires a continual re-established commitment to the desired result."

Coinciding with today's new song release, Yoke Lore has also launched a digital art gallery of original drawings, with a handful of pieces available for purchase. Fans can also access a new Instagram filter in support of the new single.

Hear "Fade Away" below.