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Handsome Ghost released their new album Some Still Morning over the weekend, and it really is a must-hear project.

Especially in the middle of the current societal climate, there's something so gut-wrenching and emotional and comforting about the record, which is poignantly reflective of loss, personal reckoning and overcoming grief. Perhaps that's why it seems so relatable in this moment, no matter your circumstances.

“We struggled tremendously to find a sound for this record," says the band. "We scrapped months of initial recordings. We started to have conversations about ending the project... But there was a freedom that came when we accepted that things might end. And it was that feeling that led to the sound of this record. It allowed us to strip everything back without a fear of failure; we embraced an intimacy that lets the lyrics and the stories they tell carry the songs.”

The new album follows Handsome Ghost's The Brilliant Glow EP, released in 2016, and their 2018 debut album Welcome Back.

Hear the full record below.