Nick Walker

Sir Sly has released their third album The Rise & Fall Of Loverboy. And it's perhaps their most personal, definitely the most vulnerable.

Released Friday via Interscope Records, the new LP is reflective of an emotional and transformative time for frontman Landon Jacobs, documenting his journey from a place of self-destruction to self-discovery and sobriety. Especially given the events of the past year, the threads of purpose and encouragement will likely be welcome to listeners, but most importantly, these themes are sincere and honest.

"We started writing this album when I met the love of my life, and subconsciously I was sure that this relationship would fix my life for me," recalls Jacobs. "This delusion persisted until I was on the verge of, yet again, alienating someone I cared about ... Musically, this is our most ambitious album. Lyrically, this is the most honest and self-aware I’ve ever been.”

Hear the full album below.