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Reed Hoelscher and Jack Blocker (aka Rightfield) have released a deluxe edition of their debut album Rightfield, One, which arrived Friday.

While the original record arrived a few months ago, this new version includes new single "Racing," as well as a piano rendition of their track "Love Song" and a new track called "Birthday Party," which is instantly hypnotizing.

"'Birthday Party' comes from a very specific experience that a friend of mine had at a birthday party where he ran into an ex for the first time," recalls Blocker. “We want people to put themselves in their own uncomfortable situation while listening to in the song."

He adds: "Hopefully not in a way that provokes them to wallow in the past, but in a way makes them feel connected to all the other people who might miss an old friend or ex, or who have felt lonely in a social situation.”

Listen to "Birthday Party" and the full deluxe album below.