Winnetka Bowling League's Matthew Koma with Sasha Sloan, by David O'Donohue

Winnetka Bowling League and Sasha Sloan have somehow turned a breakup into a bittersweet pop gem.

They've teamed up for a new single called "barcelona," which arrived today along with an animated visualizer featuring illustrations by Gaya Kesten. The song was written by Winnetka frontman Matthew Koma with Dan Book and Sasha Sloan. 

“'barcelona' is a song about still being able to have love for the person that it didn't work out with," says Koma. "I always feel the urge to discredit every ounce of a relationship after it's over because it feels way better than scrolling the highlight feed...but sometimes there was a lot of good worth recognizing & the ending doesn't have to be this big dramatic ‘delete all.’"

Of the collaboration, Koma recalls: "I had a super rough voice note of the chorus on it, and I sent it to Sasha. She told me to finish it, and when I did, she was sweet enough to lend her voice to it.”

"barcelona" follows Winnetka's recent Congratulations EP, which arrived in September as a welcome dose of good cheer and optimism in the middle of troubling times. And it's worth noting, this new track expands on that project's pop undercurrent, with a dreamy, massive single and an infectious hook reminiscent of a Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff collaboration.

Hear the new song below.