Jordan Douglas

When we first Luke Wild last year, his skillset was hard to ignore. And now he's back proving it wasn't a fluke.

Over the weekend, he shared his new single "New Miss America," out now via Terrible Records, marking the beginning of a new chapter since his debut Sunburn EP arrived in September.

"'New Miss America’ is a song pointing the finger at myself," says Wild. "It’s easy to look at others and judge the vain things they do. When in reality, I do the same thing everyday."

The song is a gritty, riveting experience. And it builds and builds. And then it's over. That is the only "bad" thing about this song—it's way too short. Luke, where is the other minute and a half of this song? But maybe that's the point. It's the perfect appetizer. You're hooked. You want more now. And we absolutely do.

The good news is, this is the first release from Luke Wild's upcoming EP, which is expected later this summer. 

Hear "New Miss America" below.