Stefan Kohli

As Zachary Knowles continues to march toward his debut album, he just shared a new song called "stranger to me."

The tender, confessional new track arrives as the latest preview of tendency to be a loner, which is out Aug. 6 on FADER Label. The new song is reflective of a relationship with someone very close who suddenly becomes like a stranger after the relationship falls apart. "You used to be my daydream. Now you're just a stranger to me," he sings.

"It’s weird how you can spend every day with someone, get super close, feel like the relationship will last forever, and then drift apart and become strangers to each other like nothing ever happened," says Knowles. "I think sometimes relationships aren’t meant to be forever, which is totally fine in my opinion. It just seems like sometimes people are put in your life for a season and then they’re gone. We should enjoy them while they’re here."

As for the upcoming record, he adds: "This album is about my introverted nature. I wanted to capture what my day-to-day looks like as far as emotions go. Most days, I just wanna be by myself. I’ll say no to things I know I’d have fun doing, just because that’s what feels normal to me ... Some days I wanna be alone and some days I wanna get out. This album represents the highs and lows of that struggle, and hopefully, it connects with people who feel the same way.”

Hear the new song below.