Tonje Thilesen

ODESZA has made their long-awaited return, after years of silence—four years, to be exact.

The duo on Tuesday shared their new song "The Last Goodbye," featuring Bettye LaVette, who is properly credited because the song heavily samples LaVette's 1965 song "Let Me Down Easy."

"This song was born out of the concept of trying to bring these lasting, defining musical pieces like the 1965 release of 'Let Me Down Easy' by Bettye LaVette into a modern and contemporary electronic setting," says ODESZA. "The idea of bringing two worlds together, that at first seem distant, has always been something we’ve been drawn to."

They continue: "It was an absolute honor to be able to work with Bettye’s voice over the course of writing the track. She’s able to convey emotion with her vocal work unlike any other. To date, this has been one of the more fulfilling songs we’ve had the chance to work on as artists. We hope everyone who listens enjoys the track as much as we did making it.”

Of course, the title "The Last Goodbye" is sure to leave fans questioning if there's a subtle message to be taken, but it's also likely a new album is on the way. That has yet to be confirmed though.