ADMT, photo by Lamour

For those of you following, you know we've been fans of British up-and-comer Adam Taylor (aka ADMT) for a while. We premiered a stripped down version of his song "Dream" in early 2020, and he's steadily been rising since.

Once again, he's showing why he absolutely deserves to be one to watch right now with his newest single "One Night," which is out today, and it further displays his artistry with his earnest songwriting and powerhouse vocals at the center.

"I wrote this song when I missed someone a whole lot," says Taylor. "It seemed like all I wanted was one more night with that person, so I could feel all the feelings of when we were together. I thought that it would fix how empty I felt. It took a long time to realize that the solution had to come from within and it wasn’t about getting more time with that person."

He adds: "Your value doesn't change depending on someone else's perception of you and that's important to remember. Always back yourself and stop comparing yourself to others—you’re fucking sick."

Some fans of the Apple TV+ hit series Ted Lasso may recognize Taylor from his musical cameo in last year's second season.

Hear "One Night" now below.