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The emerging Oklahoma outfit formerly known as Beachfriends re-launched Wednesday with a new name and a new single.

Now dubbed MORE&MORE, the Tulsa-based band has kicked off a new chapter with their first single, also titled "MORE&MORE." Yes, we know, but try to keep up. The band is made up of longtime friends Brady Ballew, Jacob Hunter, Charles Spears, Jordan O'Dell and Liam Spears, and this first track is a way of re-introducing themselves to the world, as they showcase "our new name, our new sound, our new vision," they said in a note about the song's release, adding: "We're really proud of all the new music we've been making and hope you love it as much as we do."

The new track was recorded at The Colony Recording Company in Tulsa, and it was produced by Variance favorite Sam Westhoff, who also helms fellow Tulsa act Lately.

Listen to the new song now.