Photo courtesy artist

Tafari Anthony has new music out today in the form of a dual single I’m Sure You Meant Well.

The new release, out today, includes a pair of new songs, "Replay" and "Where's My Apology?." The double release is part of 604 Records' special collections of dual singles which have arrived weekly all month long.

Says Anthony of the songs: "Sometimes good intentions aren’t enough and can leave you hurt or seeking more answers. I’m Sure You Meant Well is a coupled single featuring “Replay,” which addresses that moment a relationship starts to go astray and “Where’s My Apology?,” which begs the question of its namesake.”

Expounding on "Replay," Anthony adds: "I [was] a few months into dating outside of my long-term partner. It was an exciting and busy time during the pandemic when all of a sudden things seemingly came to halt. I was left with many questions, very few answers and a very familiar feeling. 'Replay' now feels like this very vivid snapshot in time where I was longing for that communication and no matter how I tried, I was not getting it. It forced me to go inward, and I started creating my own narrative as to what was going through his mind.”

Check out both songs now.