Phony with Petey in 'Kaleidoscope' artwork

Neil Berthier (aka Phony) is today sharing a new song called "Kaleidoscope," which is a collaboration with fellow musician and online comedian Petey.

It's the perfect, low-key entry for a long weekend ahead. The tender track is largely inspired by Berthier's grappling of the devastating loss of his father, an emotional experience which informs much of his Phony's upcoming album At Some Point You Stop, which is out July 29.

“This song is about gaining perspective and the importance of looking at things from every angle,” says Berthier. “I’ve never had a song that was just piano but it was the first thing that came to mind. Petey and I were roommates in college and had always loved each other’s music but never played with each other on a record. I called him up one day and said, ‘You wanna sing on this piano song of mine?’ And he said of course. I had everything written already, so we just got bagels, then hung at the house for an hour and it was done.”

Hear the song below.