The War On Drugs, photo by Jimmy Fontaine

Almost a year after releasing their incredible album I Don't Live Here Anymore, The War On Drugs on Monday announced a deluxe edition, which features two new songs.

The two new tracks include "Oceans of Darkness," of which they debuted an early version back in the fall of 2020 on NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Also included is the previously unreleased song "Slow Ghost."

"One night in L.A., while we were many months into working on what would be I Don’t Live Here Anymore, Dave [Hartley] uncovered a stripped down demo in my Dropbox called ‘Oceans of Darkness,’ and insisted we try recording it," recalls singer Adam Granduciel. "We were frustrated and exhausted at the time, but we set up in a circle after dinner and worked it out as the tape was rolling."

He adds: "It’s rare that a song of ours could feel this complete after only a few takes, but it had all the desperation and urgency that we had been looking for. Ultimately, I didn’t include it on the record because I couldn’t find a home for it among the other songs. We’re happy we can share it with you now.”

Listen below.