Photo courtesy artist

Drew Thomas soars to new sonic heights with his new single “All My Friends.” In an ode to liberation, his latest record highlights the very best of his experimentalism, honing his reputation as an exceptional emerging talent.

Pioneering with his pop-rock fueled anthems, he masters the perfect blend of musical charisma and purely enriching lyricism, to bring his inspirational narratives to life. He explains, “All My Friends is about watching all of your mates starting to build homes, make families and have kids but refusing to settle down yourself. It’s about still having the party lifestyle and getting drunk every night but feeling left behind by the people you used to love.”

With the ambition to challenge heteronormative expectations, he paves the way for a charge of individualism and acceptance. Thomas’ repertoire offers a signpost to liberation, as his anthemic energy rockets its way into the middle of any dancefloor. Soaking up soundscapes with his echoic vocal energy, victorious verses and almighty choruses, “All My Friends” is the perfect pop-rock anthem. Catharsis seeps into every second of his latest offering, as his admirable authenticity continues to beam brightly across his repertoire. He continues, “To me, it’s also had a deeper meaning the more I’ve played it because, for the LGBTQ+ community, it’s not as simple and straightforward as settling down whenever you want and naturally end up resenting stereotypical relationship culture as a result.”

Needless to say, Drew Thomas is proving to be an unstoppable talent, one whose boundaryless approaches and unique chronicles set his impressive catalogue apart. We can’t wait to see what’s next from the emerging multidisciplinary.