Yinka, photo by Lindsey Childs

The Nigeria-born, New York-raised, and Los Angeles-based artist Yinka has unveiled a marvelous new single, titled “Two Weeks” — a work-of-art so captivating that it’ll take less than two hours to fall in love with it, let alone two weeks.

Now that this year’s cuffing season has finally kicked off, this sultry new love tale is the perfect addition to any playlist… and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve already found whom to wake up next to, or not yet. Just let the song guide you to a realm of love, tranquillity, and sensuality.

“Why do we fit so perfectly?” Yinka wonders in the first verse. “Irregular like puzzle pieces but flawless when put together.” Her captivating take on words is infused with poetical nuances, reflective of how complex a newly-formed romance can be; Yinka’s sharp wit is laced with sensuality that beautifully slows down the cadence of her silky-smooth vocals, which further elevates the track.

Yinka has also dropped a majestic lyric video, too. Directed by Dave Rowe, the aesthetically pleasing visual captures that raw intimacy between two lovers at the height of their romance. In less than three minutes, it mesmerizes you with a one-of-a-kind visual journey — and it might even ignite a spark within your heart, should you find the time to give it a quick watch (which, undeniably, would be the right thing to do).

Yinka’s artistry and creative vision transcends all boundaries, and continues to explore brave new lands; from “Two Weeks” to her previous releases “Someone Else” and “Exclusive” (together with Adekunle Gold), Yinka is an extremely promising new act. And there’s no defying her immense star power.