Photo courtesy artist

Vancouver's Teon Gibbs has released an impressive new single called "Easy."

The simmering new track arrived this week, and it's the latest offering from the artist, who is originally from Botswana, having lived in the U.K., South Africa and Angola, and now calls Vancouver, Canada home. 

The song is one inspired by new one, a reflection of a relationship which has transitioned from friends to lovers. And as Gibbs recalls, it was seamless and felt...easy.

“‘Easy’ is meant to feel like floating, kind of embodying the joy of a new relationship with someone and trying to hold on to those moments of new love,” says the singer. “I developed the drum pattern and then brought in an A-list Team. Falcxne, JT, Jaspa, Jub and Nate from Potatohead People and I created this song off of pure synergy. This genre-bending single feels like a milestone moment in my career growth, and sound exploration. Feel like it gives people a taste of what’s to come next.” 

Listen below.