Photo courtesy artist

Sam Pine has released a new song called "Carbon Flow," which arrived Friday.

For those following along, the new music comes after the rising artist's debut album Evergreen, and it finds him at another crossroads. At the time of his debut in 2021, he had relocated back home to Denver from Los Angeles due to the pandemic and the realities of the music industry in 2020. Now, he is back in Los Angeles and teasing a new chapter of music.

"In my recent move to Los Angeles, I found myself getting reacquainted with a new creative space and creative mindset," says Pine. "Found writer's block and dead ends for a good majority of 2022 and decided to continually show up and try things out. I’d have dreams some nights of songs that I [wished] to create but could never quite land—not yet ;) . Then, I loaded up about 15 different samples ranging from baby noises to trumpet snippets, descending piano lines and vocal chops and started piecing these sounds together like patchwork."

He continues: "'Carbon Flow' showed itself to me. There are moments in my life, like creating this song, that remind me of my inner child and the vulnerability required to get out of your own way. With that being said, this is what 'Carbon Flow' is about … power in the self, power in lil Sam who constantly reminds me to be humble and listen, power in gratitude, and power in the hero’s journey of making art with authenticity. Thank you all who have tuned into my music making and offering over the last three years! This is the beginning of a new set of songs and I can’t wait to share more."

Hear "Carbon Flow" now.