Sophus Wolf

It's a good day for new music, especially coming from Danish artists, as we've got the new track from Denmark's Blaue Blume

The Copenhagen trio has shared their sunny, blissful new single called "Crush." It marks a veering away from their art-rock past and explores new territory, which will perhaps make your winter days seem less frigid.

“’Crush’ is pretty much about getting your relationship to sparkle again when you both get stuck in all the practical stuff and everyday life," says lead singer Jonas Schmidt. "The song is about dancing and making out again with the one you went out of your way to get, reminding yourself that you really shouldn’t take love for granted. ‘Crush’ is a tribute to girlfriends and boyfriends."

And in addition to the new music, it appears more is on the way, as "Crush" is said to be here ahead of a new EP, out later this year.

Hear "Crush" now below.