Josh Goleman

After kicking off a new era last month, The National on Thursday dropped another new song, this one called "New Order T-Shirt."

The new track is the latest following the January release of "Tropic Morning News," both of which are off the band's new album First Two Pages of Frankenstein, which is coming April 28 on 4AD.

"To me the line, ‘I keep what I can of you,’ means something about everyone I’ve ever known or loved,” says the band's Aaron Dessner. “There’s a simplicity to ‘New Order T-Shirt’ that reminds me of our earlier records, but with the full maturity and experience we have now. It feels like a really important song for the future of our band.”

As we previously mentioned, the band had teased collaborations with the likes of Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers and Sufjan Stevens, and the trio of artists do in fact appear on the new album.

Watch the video below.