Photo courtesy artist

Thank Myself is the new seven-track EP from the unlikely pairing of Los Angeles based music executive and hip-hop artist Capo Corleone and Polish Jazz musician Kuba Więcek. This unique collaboration started during the lockdowns, where the two would send ideas back and forth over social media. Once restrictions were lifted, they were able to take their ideas into the studio between LA and Warsaw, and saw their visions come to fruition. 

Thank Myself is a thought-provoking and uplifting EP narrating the importance of self-reflection and gratitude. Corleone speaks about thanking yourself for the journey you have been on and for getting to where you’re at today, sharing, “I want to encourage people to thank themselves for their scars and to thank themselves for remaining strong despite the obstacles and naysayers. These are the things that make us the powerful human beings we are all capable of becoming.”

Sonically, the EP blends Corleone’s lyrical, storytelling rap lines and Hip-Hop beats with Więcek’s saxophone embellishments. With both artists also excelling as acclaimed producers, Thank Myself is perfectly polished. If you ever find yourself faced with life obstacles and need a dose of encouragement, this is the EP to listen to.