Vincent Haycock

Earlier this week, Kesha confirmed, she is releasing a new album next month. Today, the singer has shared not one but two new songs, “Eat the Acid” and “Fine Line."

The newly announced album Gag Order, described as flowing "like a stream-of-conscious journey through the psychedelic dark depths of the human psyche followed by basking in the cleansing light when finally reaching the surface," was produced entirely by Rick Rubin. It's out May 19 on Kemosabe/RCA Records.

“Without the darkness there is no light. So I let my darkness have the light," says Kesha. "I can’t fight the truth. Life is difficult and painful. It is for everyone. An artist doesn’t exist to make others happy. I believe an artist gives voice, motion, color to the emotions we all have. The good emotions, and the unmanageably fucking miserable ones.”

Hear the new songs now.