Photo by Alex Rorison

Jack Mercer (aka VC Pines) has confirmed his debut album is on the way, and to celebrate, he has shared his new single "Colours."

The infectious new track arrived Wednesday along with news that the artist, whose moniker is short for "Violet Coloured Pines," will be releasing his first proper full-length, titled MRI, on Sept. 8, with the title very much a personal reflection of his own life, as he was recently diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy, as he has experienced seizures since he was 17.

"MRI encapsulates the shifts and the scoops that my brain goes through on a daily basis," says Mercer of the upcoming record. "It covers themes of neurology, love, jealousy, addictions, confusion, nurture and most of all nostalgia. I wanted the opening track, 'Chamber,' to feel and sound like a seizure. It's warm and welcoming and soft, much like the pre-sensations I have, but stitched to it is the huge juxtaposition of an MRI scan, stabbing into your ears and carving mental scars like some aggravated, untamed beast until it eventually falls asleep."

He continues: "The album rises and falls, a bit like growing up in London. Sometimes you feel like jumping out into the world or out the window, and other days you need to dive down and be alone in your thoughts. As an independent artist, creating this was a difficult but rewarding process, especially being able to retain full creative control. It's tough exposing yourself and your insecurities on a record, but I really feel like a weight has been lifted."

Hear "Colours" below.