Photo courtesy artist

As newcomer Sam Tompkins continues to foreshadow his upcoming debut album, the singer on Friday released his new song called "See Me."

The rising U.K. artist, who has quickly become a Variance favorite, had been teasing the new track in recent days, calling the emotional new offering his "most personal song I've ever written" and noting he was nervous to share such a vulnerable side of himself.

The singer says of the new track: "It's like I'd needed to write it my whole life. I'm glad I have now, and hoping others can now resonate with it."

He adds: “This song stems back to last year in a pretty dark time in my life. I had a conversation with my life coach about how insecure I was becoming, constantly fearing how I was being perceived by others. After a long emotional conversation, we had worked out and pinpointed a pretty sad moment from when I was a kid at school and how I have carried it ever since. So much so that I had internalised that comment and begun to believe it.”

As Tompkins gears up for the release of his full-length album later this year, we can't wait to hear more. For now, check out "See Me" below.