Sahara Baldwin

Perfectly timed for this extended weekend, newcomer MINOE has shared a breathtaking new single called "Cherry."

The blistering, hypnotic new track arrived Friday showcasing intense emotions from the emerging Canadian artist.

"Over the pandemic I spent a lot of time alone, at home," recalls MINOE. "I was in a really bad place struggling with myself internally, during a bad bout of depression and feeling disconnected from the world. I lost confidence and my self image really took a hit. Seeing my friends on social media, I convinced myself they left me out on purpose. My inner demon was telling me that they hated me. Usually, I would be embarrassed to admit these vulnerabilities and feelings of jealousy. I’d shove those feelings down as they aren’t productive."

She adds: "'Cherry' is the result of leaning into it, letting myself be jealous and giving the demon a voice. The songwriting process was so healing. I think it’s important to explore undesired emotions and show people its okay to have these feelings."

Hear it now.