Photo courtesy artist

Los Angeles-based singer Donna Missal has released her new album Revel, which is out Friday via ADA Worldwide.

The singer has been teasing the new record for months, most recently with the stunner "Move Me," which dropped last month. But the full album is simply breathtaking.

Ahead of the album's release, Missal shared a note on Instagram explaining the depths of the record: "Sounds dramatic but existential crisis is definitely where I was at a year ago! I really can’t believe I got to make Revel out of it."

She continued: "In looking for some kind of peace in chaos, I reached for an understanding of my relation to the universe. What I found was how inherent pain is, and to really experience light was to also accept that there is a void of light; to hold the opposition in balance, that’s how I started to feel better. I’m someone who learns the hard way, and my hope is with practice I’ll bring this lesson into every inevitable turn in this life." 

Hear the new album now.