Toby Coulson

After returning earlier this year with new music, Ben Howard has shared his full new album Is It?, which is out now on Island Records.

The newly released album includes previous tracks "Couldn't Make It Up," "Walking Backwards" and "Life in the Time," all part of the very personal new record which is also very hopeful, following a series of health complications.

As we previously mentioned, the singer experienced two mini strokes last year, and after a period of uncertainty and confusion, Howard embarked on a personal journey which has partly influenced some of this new music.

“I found it impossible not to dwell on the absurdity of it, that with one tiny clot, one can lose all faculties," says Howard of his health concerns. "It really ate into the writing of the record.”

After a month of inconclusive medical tests, Howard and his bandmates went to Le Manoir de Léon, where they had last worked on the singer's album Noonday Dream. 

“We went in and put down ten songs in ten days,” he says. “We worked through the heatwave, the air conditioning broke, after what had happened I was so tired in the afternoons that I slept a lot. We just played solidly and slept, there was no time for retrospection.”

Hear the new album now.