David O'Donahue

Mokita started the weekend today with the release of his new Who's Gonna Love Me Now? EP, which arrived Friday via Nettwerk.

It's the latest from the Nashville-based singer John-Luke Carter, who brilliantly captivates us with some very personal accounts of his own journey, a collection of six tracks, including five of which were co-written with Kacey Musgraves collaborator Trent Dabbs.

"When I first started creating music under Mokita, I felt this weird obligation to make all the music sound the same so it could have a cohesive sound," admits Carter. "But I got really burnt out doing that and felt like I was limiting my creativity. One of the main themes of the EP was getting comfortable in your own skin. So much of the way I’ve made music in the past is about trying to be impressive to my listeners and trying to prove something. I realized that this was stealing a lot of joy from making music. I wanted this EP to be more about making music that I liked, and that I thought people could relate to. My music is always very journalistic and so what I write can change year to year depending on where I am in my life. This year has been a lot of self-discoveries, a lot of reflection on the past, and a lot of reflecting on what the future looks like.”

Hear the EP now below.