Graham Tolbert

Wye Oak has released a new project called Every Day Like the Last, and it's truly something special.

It's not quite dubbed an album specifically, but rather, it's a collection of brand new songs and previously unreleased tracks which the Baltimore duo of Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack recorded between 2019 and 2023. It's out now via Merge Records.

“There’s been so much uncertainty in our lives,” says Wasner. “Not just our lives personally, but everyone’s—and a big part of my life has been learning how to live inside of uncertainty, and not feel like my own emotional discomfort requires that I have to figure out, or attempt to figure out, how everything is going to be.”

Some of the new recordings came in the wake of the band's 2020 tour getting cut short due to the pandemic, which prompted the duo to rethink how Wye Oak would exist moving forward.

"We both were feeling not wanting to be tethered into the machine in the way that we had been for so long,” recalls Stack. “We just wanted to be able to make stuff in the room. And when we were able to do that, the aspirations shifted, because we were able to exercise this other muscle that we hadn’t in a long time.”

Hear the full project now.