Lex, photo by Laura Webster

On a busy new release Friday, we've got a new one from Lexi Onyango (aka Lex), who has shared a new song called "Vodka Soda."

It's a fizzy delight from the Tulsa native, who released her debut NOW EP in 2022 and earlier this year returned with her infectious track "Manifesto." Like that track, this new one was produced by Logan Bruhn, and it finds the singer confronted a swath of emotions as it's admittedly her first true go at a "love song."

“I’ve always had a hard time writing love songs since they sometimes tend to come across as cheesy, but ‘Vodka Soda’ came to me so easily,” says Onyango. “This is a very special song for me and my current partner; it reminds me of the earliest days of us getting to know each other and the hopeful glow of falling in love."

Hear both "Vodka Soda" and "Manifesto" below.