Leo Mascaro

Hailing from Canada, the now Brooklyn-based Jenny Kern delivers an empowering message and uplifting anthem in her latest release, “Move On.” The indie dream/pop artist certainly knows how to write emotion-fueled, infectious bangers and “Move On” is just that. Tugging at your heartstrings through echoing vocals, shimmering synths and bold percussion, the track is like a warm hug, as it envelopes you, welcoming you into Kern’s blissful sonic oasis. Combined with the songwriter’s vulnerable and confessional lyrics about her own experiences, Kern puts you at ease, sending us a reminder that there is no judgment when it comes to navigating life’s hurdles. 

“Move On” in particular narrates the difficult decision to leave someone or something behind in order to be your happiest and best version of yourself. Kern shares. “This song is about moving on after the end of a relationship. It’s an anthem, a sort of charging forward and getting to understand what you want. At first you don’t know how to navigate the emotions that are hitting you in the moment so the lyrics toy with that vulnerability. But ultimately it’s an empowering way to realize you can heal yourself.” 

Reminiscent of Holly Humberstone meets Sasha Alex Sloan, Kern’s sound is one that you’ll find yourself continuously returning to for moments of reflection and empowerment.