Photo courtesy artist

Josh Sallee in May shared on social media he was issuing himself a challenge to get away from his usual surroundings and make new music in the process.

So he went to the Virgin Islands (aka "paradise") for five days and recorded five new songs, including the track "Slow Roll (Saint Maria)," which he recently released. On Thursday, he released the five-song project, dubbed Saint Paradise, which arrived Thursday.

The new EP is perfectly bookended by the opening song "I Need a Break," which gives listeners a clear view into the Oklahoma City rapper's mindset going into this project, explaining he was at a breaking point in his personal and professional life. But it's the closing track, "I Feel Alive Again," which offers a wonderful outro as Sallee sounds rejuvenated. "Ain't nobody gonna bring me down," he confessed early in the track, before declaring: "I feel like talking my shit!"

This new project follows Sallee's standout album Flamingo, which was released last fall. And perhaps he previously foreshadowed his attempts to break out of his box, as he told us in an interview last April maybe he would eventually hit the road and just release music constantly. "At some point, I just plan to travel and every two weeks drop a song," he quipped.

Hear Saint Paradise below.