Brenda Gonzalez

Austin Harms has released a new song called "Little Things," and it's one that's surely relatable to those of us who can't let go of insignificant thoughts until they become "monsters in my head," as Harms says in the new track, which was released Wednesday.

“I think ‘Little Things’ is a reminder to myself," says Harms of the newly released song. "I have been stressed out and feeling stuck and feeling lost. It was small interactions in the day that would trigger me and I wasn’t dealing with it in a healthy way. This song is an opportunity for me to gain some perspective, breathe, and to see that everything is going to be ok. I hope it does that for you."

The new track follows Harms' 2022 releases, "Twentynine Palms," his collaboration with INTRN, and his You're Not Alone EP.

Hear "Little Things" now.